Nudism and a naturism, rest on nudist beaches and resorts. A photo nu of nudists and naturists on nudist beaches, on the sea, houses, on the nature. Nudists have a rest, sunbathe and bathe. A site about healthy rest and a way of life. A photo of nudists in style nu. Family nudism, women and men with children on a beach. A photo nu of girls nudists. Equal sunburn is very beautiful. And white a stain and strips from bathing suits and swimming trunks look not so attractively What sense to sunbathe in clothes if it is already possible to have a rest on nudist beaches? To have a rest better to come already with pair or family. Rules on rest, moral - ethical standards Community of nudists and naturists. All about nudism and rest on our site!



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Resort for nudists and naturistsWe welcome all nudists, naturists and interested persons them to be. Our site Nu Life about nudism, a naturism and rest will be useful even to textile workers to increase of the culture.

The site in the idea does not bear(carry) anything sexual or pornographic, but to the persons who have not reached(achieved) 18 years and at whom the religious or political restrictions, unstable mentality - viewing is categorically contra-indicated, them it is necessary to leave(abandon) immediately a site.

For romanticism, looking for a hot porno - disappointment, and the porno at us is not present sex. We only for healthy rest - nudism, a naturism.

It will be useful for textile workers for studying nudism, correct understanding, increase of the knowledge and culture - as educational source. In fact nudism is first of all culture, culture of a naked body.

On site there is a photo of nudists and clauses(articles) about nudism, therefore whom the kind of a naked body offends, that should leave(abandon) this site immediately. For him(it) нудизм is interdiction, closed and a prohibited zone.

All rest whom the kind of a naked body does not frighten and already executed 18 years, welcome to us on a site about nudism and a naturism!

The person is born and comes in this world naked. However people so are fond of affairs in a life that they overlook who and what for they on the Earth.
Nudism - returns people to headstream (source), to their true and the essence.



Nudist beach



  Day of the Dead

Spencer Tunick: Spirits.

Спенсер Туник: Духи (Души).


Новые фото! Naked TATU!

Naked TATU, new photo!

Голые Тату! New photo!




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